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Wisconsin Musky Fishing Guide

Northern WI Fishing Guide Service- Musky, Walleye, and Bass Fishing Trips in Northern, Wi. Fish with the Best!
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WI Fishing Trips: Musky, Walleye, and Bass fishing
General information:

    From a fun family outing to an intense trophy hunt.  Fishing will be conducted out of 20' Ranger boat with the latest electronics and fishing equipment.  Fishing with Tooth Tamer Rods, Shimano, and Abu Garcia reels.  I am an experienced full time guide, seminar speaker, and successful tournament fisherman.  I can handle any persons fishing abilities and experience level.  One of the biggest aspects of a good fishing guide is to be able to adapt to everyone's ability and consistently catch fish.  All fishing equipment and bait will be provided with no extra charges.  I will make every effort to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time on the water.  The knowledge that you can learn in just a few hours fishing with me can be worth years of fishing on your own.  If you have a large party multiple guides can easily be arranged.  Hideaway Hollow Outfitters, LLC is fully licensed and insured.

Eagle River Fishing Guide  

Muskie Fishing:
    These trips will be dedicated to learning techniques and strategies for catching more muskies, or getting your first fish in the boat.  I am one of the top musky tournament fishermen across the country so I know a thing or two about the species and how to consistently catch them.  I have spoken at numerous musky clubs, fishing schools, and big name musky and outdoor expos.  On a musky trip you will learn top techniques and how to identify fish locations depending on the time of year.  Musky fishing trips do involve some effort since most all trips we will be casting.  I can handle everyone from young to old but it does take some effort to catch them.  Most people handle around 3-5 hours of musky casting so many of my musky trips are half days.  If your a die hard and just want to cast we can fish the whole day but many trips we can put together a successful musky trip in a morning or afternoon.
St. Germain Musky Guide

Musky fishing trips are offered in 3 different packages:

1/2 day trip:  Spend a great morning or afternoon chasing muskies. Total price is $250 and is good for 1-3 people.  This trip is great for most anglers looking to get out to chase muskies.  Most anglers can cast effectively for about 4 hours before they start to wear down.  My pricing is set so if you have a 3rd person I do not charge you more for it.  Many area guides charge for a 3rd but I have plenty or rods in the boat at all times and the room so I do not charge for it!  I also include live bait if used on the trips so there are no extra charges on any of my fishing trips!!

Modified full day: Reason why I call it a modified full day trip is because instead of grinding out a full day on the water all at once I like to break up the day and hit both prime times (morning and evening).  Most fishing guides grind out a full day all at once and you get done mid-afternoon which means your wasting time and energy when fish do not want to bite and then you also miss a great feeding window during the evening.  Spend half the day fishing muskies, go in and relax,  then head back out to fish the evening bite window.  Can use the second part of the day chasing more muskies, walleye, bass, or multispecies.  This is a great trip for those of you who want to fish for muskies but also want to bend the rod some more or have fish to take back for a fish fry. This is my favorite trip where we fish walleyes or multi-species half the day, head in for a little R&R, and then head back out for muskies!  Price is $450.  This price point is really good amongst other area fishing guides and you get way more for your buck since I will be guiding during both prime times, don't charge extra for a 3rd angler and live bait is included!

Morning Walleye and Afternoon Musky Trips!
Full Day:  This trip is for those of you who want to cast and cast some more!  I have this trip set up for people that want to spend the full day casting.  Best if you have some musky fishing experience.  During times of the season the day time bite can be good so fishing throughout the day is a good option.  Usually the best time for this is during the early part of the season when water starts to warm or in the fall when water is cooling and a good day time musky bite occurs.  It is also good throughout the summer months when you have a good moon period and the major is during the day.  Price is $400 and is good for 1-3 people.  Reason why it it slightly cheaper than the modified full day is because I am not spending the gas money pulling my rig to run back and forth from your lodging accommodations, my house, and the lakes we fish.

Walleye, Bass, and More:
      These trips are for a good ol' fish fry or rod bending action.  We can target walleyes, largemouth or smallmouth bass, northern pike, and panfish.  You pick it!  These trips are good for any ability or age level that just want to catch fish.  Live and artificial bait techniques will be used on most trips.  One of the most under pressured fish in northern Wisconsin is the great diversity of bass fishing.  We can consistently get trophy sized smallmouths of 20" or greater in this area and other lakes hold really good numbers. The same goes for largemouth bass.
    Live bait (which is included in the trip price) rigging under slip bobbers or pitching jigs are the primary summer techniques for walleyes and bass.  Just like my musky trips you will be using some of the best rods and equipment on the market.  I have side imaging electronics which is a huge advantage in trying to find schools of feeding fish.
Trips will be offered in half days segments.  If you want to fish full days that is not a problem.  Depending what you want to fish for and time of year I usually recommend that we head in during mid-day to hit the prime time of the morning and evening bite windows to ensure the best success.  I can custom tailor any fishing combination you want that will meet the wants and needs of your fishing party!

Northern WI Fishing Guide Service

1/2 Day:  Half days trips can be used to fish a morning or afternoon.  Can be used to target any species you would like to fish for or have a trip where we get a good variety.  Fish for Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, or Panfish (crappies, bluegills, or Perch since I can break it down and target them individually as well). This is a perfect trip for those of you who want to spend some time on the water for a great rod bending time or bring home a meal of fish.  Its a great trip for any age and ability level.  I can keep young kids entertained along with teach anyone a few tricks of the trade to get fish to bite more consistently. 
    I also see this trip being used a fair amount when people are staying on a lake for the first time and want me to take them around and show them productive areas to fish on their own during their stay.  On those trips we usually spend some time fishing and then also showing you other productive areas to try on your own.

Modified full Day:  I call it a modified full day since many days I do not fish 8+hrs straight.  Depending on the time of year and species targeted I like to split the full day into two half day trips.  This usually works out best due to when fish want to bite, and also fishing fatigue.  Many days eight hours or more of straight fishing is pretty tiring no matter what your doing just being on the water and out in the sun makes for a long day.  So what I have found best is to break it up into two different outings and package it into one trip price.  I fish a morning, come in and you can relax or do something during the middle of the day, and then head back out for an evening outing. It has many advantages over just fishing straight through and ending mid-afternoon. 
    This is a great trip if you want to maximize your day fishing or if you want to target a couple different species in the same day. This trip comes with many differnt options since you can target different species in the morning and afternoon or stay with the same. 
    Another great thing about the modified full day that I do with many groups throughout the season is if you have a larger party and want to swap people in and out so multiple people have a chance to fish.  Can take 2-3 people in the morning then swap out for the afternoon without getting charged more!  I do have multiple guides that I work with so can arrange several guides for large parties but if you have 4-6 in your party and want to break up the cost you can split the full day amongst your group and each fish 1/2 the trip and only get charged the full day rate which saves you money!

Full Day:  This trip is offered during the right time of year depending what species you want to target.  Example: mid-May through mid-June and you want to target trophy smallmouth bass.  During this time frame the mid-day bite will be good for chasing smallies around in the shallows.  This trip is offered depending what you want to fish for during certain times of the year.  If this is a trip your looking at I can let you know if its a good option depending what you want to catch during the time of year your looking to fish.  Pricing is $400 and I can accommodate up to three anglers. Pricing is cheaper than the modified full day since there are times when its a good option and I save a little money so I will bring those savings to you!  I will be spending less gas money driving back and forth from your lodging, my house, and the lake(s) we will fish. Contact me if you want this option and I can let you know what the best fit will be.

I get asked the question "when is the best time to come?"

You can never catch fish if your not fishing for them, but here is a little run down of the better times to come for different species.

Musky:  Musky season is from the Saturday during Memorial weekend and I fish muskies till I leave to guide duck hunts during mid-October.  Anytime during that stretch that you can make it we can fish for them and I should show you success on the water!  I know most all decent sized musky lakes in the area and pick and choose what ones I fish depending on the day and time of year to keep a high success rate.  Of course I will fish the water you want to fish if you have a specific body of water in mind you want to target. If  you can choose when you can come I recommend during the first week in July through mid-October.  There are peaks and valleys in success throughout the season but muskies can be a little slower during the month of June as water warms.  If fishing in June I still should be able to put you on fish but colder water means smaller feeding windows.   Afternoon feeding windows seem to be best when water is the warmest.  Usually starting late June through the first week in July usually offers a full moon and the start of good summer musky patterns developing.  This is when success rates are a bit higher along with a better average size.  Moon phases matter.  This means coming two days ahead or behind a full or new moon.  Full moon phases are some of the hottest bites of the year but new moon is not far behind.  During these periods average catch rates and average size of fish goes up.  Weather trumps moon on a daily event but a good starting point is coming during a good moon phase.
Walleye:  Walleye season typically starts the first Saturday in May.  I fish for them all season long as well.  All season I should be able to catch walleyes on a variety of waters in the region.  May and early June are good months to fish and I fish a very wide variety of lakes during this time.  As summer progresses I start to narrow my walleye waters down but still have plenty to choose from.  During the middle of the summer when days are long and hot seems like early mornings, evenings, and night bites are the best but virtually every trip we catch numerous walleyes.  I try and hop lake to lake and stay on the best bites throughout the season depending the time of year to keep the number of eyes boated per trip up. 
Northern Pike:  Northern pike fishing opens up with the walleyes as well in early May and is good until around the end of June.  After water warms and stratifies usually pike fishing goes down hill on a lot of area lakes just due to the fact that they move off structure and head to the cooler deeper waters.  I generally do not fish for them later than early July on most lakes but still are a few that I hit later in the season.

SM Bass:  Bass also opens up  at the start of game fish season at the beginning of May.  May and June are top months for guys looking to get hog smallies or really bang up the numbers.  Fish are shallow and a lot of the deeper clear lakes the fish will be in a cycle of pre-spawn, spawn, or post spawn patterns.  This is the best time to come for smallies as a whole.  Lots of days are spent chasing trophy class fish.  I can also get on some of the most intense bites of the year.  After late June many of the deep clear lakes fishing for bass can be had but just have to fish deep...30' of water or so, that is just why I choose to switch lakes that I can fish for them in good numbers and size a little shallower on different lakes.
LM Bass:  For largemouth bass I fish for them all year and they like to stay in the warmer shallow water all year.  At times depending on the lake and lake clarity they do move out the the edges and deeper water but as a whole we usually can get them up shallow throughout the year.
Panfish: We can fish for them all year long and there is no closed season.  Depending on time of year, species you want to target, or water fished I can let you know what is best.  Most days from ice out till mid-October we can target the species of pan fish you want to.  I fish for Crappies, Bluegills, and Perch.

Blast n' Cast:
     During the fall and spring combo a fishing trip with a hunting package!  Get the best of both worlds of an a.m waterfowl or turkey hunt and an afternoon fishing trip.  Hideaway Hollow Outfitters offers waterfowl hunts on the Mississippi River, Green Bay, and Northern WI.  Turkey hunts take place in Zones one and three, where fishing will be conducted on the Mississippi river or Wisconsin river targeting walleyes.  In the fall months fishing for Muskie and Walleye, and Bass.  This is a great trip that you will not want to miss out on!  Head to Hideaway Hollow Outfitters hunting website and check out the hunting information for waterfowl and turkey hunting.

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